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It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch

Terry A. Johnson – July 11, 2023

There are times when you may face challenging situations in your personal or professional lives that make it difficult to engage with those in your surroundings.  For example, a moody family member drains the energy out of a vacation or a frustrated colleague at work casts a cloud on the entire team. It is during those challenging moments that you should look within yourself and find ways to make a difference. Here are six ways that you can make a positive difference at your workplace.

  1. Have a Positive Attitude– You have, undoubtedly, heard the expression “It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch.” It may be difficult to remain positive while surrounded by negativity, but it is not impossible.  The Key is to focus on what needs to be accomplished instead of the negative behavior of others.  Always be the best at what you do and show others how much can be accomplished when time is effectively used instead of used to complain.
  2. Avoid Gossip – If you engage in any of the easily available yet avoidable office drama and gossip, your credibility and integrity could be perceived negatively. It is easier to listen to recommendations for improvement when they seem unbiased by personal opinions.  Be honest, fair, and impartial when sharing your thoughts about current practices. Honesty is a highly desirable trait and can set an example for your colleagues to follow.
  3. Communicate Effectively – The primary workplace communication objective is to convey information whether it be instructions, policies, procedures, or decisions in an understandable manner. Poor or miscommunication can create negative relationships or even toxic work environments.  Clear communication can improve workplace culture and prevent misunderstandings.  Effective communication involves focusing, listening, having empathy, and considering individual differences.
  4. Be Considerate of Others –  Ideally, you should offer your colleagues the same respect that you would expect them to afford you.  Every person we encounter is an individual with their own thought processes and reasoning abilities.  There are many times when your own unconscious bias may exist toward people of various races, ethnic groups, gender identities, sexual orientations, physical abilities and more.  That is when it is important to refrain from focusing on negative qualities of individuals that may align with your existing preconceived attitudes.
  5. Be Friendly – Having a work environment where you are comfortable and able to be friendly with your colleagues creates a positive workplace.  While you don’t need to best friends with your colleagues, having each other’s back and helping each other out occasionally can contribute to comradery and combating negativity in the workplace.
  6. Smiling is contagious – Smiling is an effortless and easy way to transmute negative energy and keep your attitude positive even when it is difficult associating with people who have negative energy. When you need to interact with negative colleagues, the best way to be positive around them is to keep yourself upbeat which might even help change their energy.

You may want to consider using this list of ways to create a positive work environment and add to it any ways you have found useful to promote positivity.  Being friendly and smiling do not require training.  TAJ Life and Executive Coaching can provide training to hone your verbal, nonverbal, written, visual or listening communication skills.  Additionally, TAJ Life and Executive Coaching can provide training to reduce the likelihood of unconscious biases negatively impacting your workplace.